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Visit us in the Ernie Bodin Centre to browse our gift shop items, or shop online!   Cheques payable to ‘Mackenzie and District Museum’ can be mailed to Mackenzie V0J 2C0.  Credit and debit can be processed via Paypal (no account needed, just follow the prompts).


2003_15_316 Unloading freight at the Hudson's Bay Company Post on McLeod Lake 1930s“Where Eagles Fly and Rivers Run Wild” by Helen Mustard.  In writing this book Helen Mustard hopes that the reader catches a glimpse of life the way it was before the building of the Bennett Dam.  Helen Mustard was an early resident of Mackenzie and was one of the founding members of the Morfee Historical Society, which later became the Mackenzie & District Museum.  She will be in Prince George on Dec 17th for the book promotion and signing.



2003_15_328 First float plane to land on McLeod Lake 1930s“Three Athapaskan Ethnographies” by Diamond Jenness.   Ethnography is the study and systematic recording of human cultures.  This book is based on his wide-ranging interviews with elders in the 1920s of three Athapaskan nations: the prairie-dwelling Tsuu T’ina of Alberta, and the Sekani and Wet’suwet’en of BCs northern interior.  First published in 1937 it has now been republished by Rock’s Mills Press.

A Beaver is Eating My Canoe $19.95

A Hunting We Did Go $19.95

Bannock and Beans $18.95

BC’s Own Railroad $6.95

Crooked River Rats $19.95

Don’t Shoot From the Saddle $16.95

Finlay’s River $19.95

Frontier Forts and Posts, Hudson’s Bay Company $19.95

Furrows in the Sky $19.95

Grizzly Bear Mountain $18.95

Helicopters in High Country $19.95

In the Shadow of the Great War $19.95

King of the Mountain $19.95

Made to Measure $34.95

Moose on the Loose $19.95

Mountains, campfires $19.95

Mr. Huble Builds a House $10.00

Mrs. Huble Grows a Garden $10.00

Outposts and Bushplanes $17.95

Rainbows at Noon $14.95

The Day the Loon Cried $20.00

Three Athapaskan Ethnographies $24.95

Those Earlier Hills $14.95

Trappers & Trailblazers $22.95

Tse-Loh-Ne $22.95

Where Eagles Fly $30.00

Wild and Free $24.95

Wild Game Cookbook $12.95

Wild Trails Wild Tales $13.50

Wilderness Dreams $19.95