Behind the Scenes…The Mackenzie and District Museum Society


Jim Wiens Appointed as Museum Curator, June 2011. Jim manages the day-to-day operations of the museum.  He draws on his love of books, maps, trains, genealogy research, and bad jokes to entertain museum visitors with local anecdotes and fascinating facts.  Ask him to give you a tour of the museum – you won’t be disappointed!

Board Members

The Mackenzie and District Museum is operated by the Mackenzie and District Museum Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to archiving and sharing the history of our community.  The Society is administered by volunteers elected to serve on the Board of Directors.

Patrons who purchase museum memberships become members of the Society.  If you’d like to join us as a Board Member please contact the Museum Curator.

Special Recognition

Edith Hennig Recognized for 15 years Service as Mackenzie and District Museum Curator, July 2010.

Since 1995 Edith Hennig has served as curator for the Mackenzie and District Museum.  In addition to her work keeping the museum running smoothly, she has given countless volunteer hours to provide visitors with personalized tours and represent the museum at community events.  Edith’s hard work and enthusiastic dedication to the museum is much appreciated!

 Chris Johansen Honoured with Distinguished Service Award by the BC Museum Association, October 2009.

Chris Johansen was honoured with the BC Museum Association Distinguished Service Award because of his outstanding commitment to the Mackenzie and District Museum. Since 1993 Chris donated his time to serve as President, Vice President, Director, janitor, maintenance man, Saturday volunteer, and author of “Museum Notes” in the weekly newspaper, all for the Mackenzie and District Museum.  What Chris liked most about the museum was preserving history, giving tours, promoting the community and sharing his travels with visitors.  Chris passed away in July 2008.