Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser, an explorer for the Northwest Company, journeyed up the Peace, Parsnip, Pack and Crooked Rivers to McLeod Lake where he established Fort McLeod, the first permanent trading post in British Columbia. He left three French Canadians there for the winter of 1805-1806.

On May 20 1806, Simon Fraser again journeyed up the Peace River making about 10 miles per day by poling. On May 26, at the mouth of the Ottertail Creek (or Nabesche Cr), he killed a caribou, and traded ammunition with the Indians for a mountain sheep which they had killed in snares. On May 28, at the junction of the Peace and parsnip Rivers he met Indians who reported an immendse number of beaver on the Finlay River. Also this year, Simon Fraser’s assistant, James McDougall, journeyed to Stuart lake where he became the first white man to visit this area. McDougall then returen to Fort McLeod where he was posted as the Factor, Later in this year, Simon Freaser established Fort St James on Sturat Lake, at which time he estimated that 1,000 indians or so live on the Lake. He also established Fort Fraser on Fraser Lake late this yaer.


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